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38 college students in clearwater beach!!! July 1, 2008

Posted by promotingthegospel in family, promoting the gospel.

My family and I are vacationing hear in Clearwater Beach, FL.  Why Clearwater Beach?  My daughter Ashley is spending her Summer here on a Summer Project with Campus Crusade for Christ.  For 13 weeks 38 college students have come here and found jobs and spend time working, being discipled by CCC staff and doing outreach on the weekends.  It has been exciting to listen to these students talk about opportunities they have had the first 6 weeks, telling others about Christ.  Ashley called home the first week because she was so excited that she and a guy got to share the Four Spiritual Laws with a man on the beach.  http://www.greatcom.org/english/four.htm  



1. Lisle - July 1, 2008


i would have to say the “four spiritual laws” do not represent the “full” gospel, so i would encourage you to teach your children to share “two ways to live” are more BIBLICAL gospel presentation. . . “AMEN’?

Your loving admirer!

2. promotingthegospel - July 1, 2008

At least they are sharing something…. AMEN!!!

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