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38 college students in clearwater beach!!! July 1, 2008

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My family and I are vacationing hear in Clearwater Beach, FL.  Why Clearwater Beach?  My daughter Ashley is spending her Summer here on a Summer Project with Campus Crusade for Christ.  For 13 weeks 38 college students have come here and found jobs and spend time working, being discipled by CCC staff and doing outreach on the weekends.  It has been exciting to listen to these students talk about opportunities they have had the first 6 weeks, telling others about Christ.  Ashley called home the first week because she was so excited that she and a guy got to share the Four Spiritual Laws with a man on the beach.  http://www.greatcom.org/english/four.htm  


Trip with my girls June 24, 2008

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Back in November my 2 daughters traveled with me to Turkey.  While there we took a trip to Izmer and visited the area known as Ephesus in the Bible.  Much of modern day Turkey is the location of cities mentioned in the New Testament.  While there we walked areas where Paul walked and veiwed the outdoor theatre where Paul wanted to preach the Gospel.  His friends would not let him go due to the threats made on his life.  What zeal Paul had to proclaim the Gospel! 

As we thought of the times of Paul’s day and the corruption that there was, it reminded me that we live in a day much like Paul.  it causes me to pray for the same kind of zeal he had and to look hard at how I can promote the Gospel to those around me. 

A book one might consider reading for ideas on how to promote the Gospel is one by JohnDickson “Promoting the Gospel”                            

Yes Hello World!!!! June 23, 2008

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The world is a big place and having traveled to various countries around this world I have found it is BIG but also very small.  An example of this happened just a couple of weeks ago at my son’s golf tournament.  While walking the course watching Taylor struggle with his game I introduced myself to the mother of one of Taylor’s playing partners.  After the normal chit chat I found out she was also from the Lexington (where I grew up) and attended the same high school as me and my younger brother.  Come to find out she also dated my brother for a while and grew up around the corner from where I did.  Big world?  NOPE!  pretty small.

In God’s eyes the world is pretty small.  He created it by speaking it into exitence.  God’s word tells us that, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”  Genesis 1:1 ESV  Hve you ever just sat outside at night and looked into the sky on clear night?  Do it sometime and you will soon realize the world is pretty small.

This BLOG is called “Promoting the Gospel” because we as believers in Christ are called to Promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world that seems pretty big to each of us.  Hopefully you will be encouraged to post and also Promote the Gospel to those who are in the world around you. 

Hello world! June 23, 2008

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